The unofficial Sugar Springs Michigan Fishing Report

The purpose of this page is for Anglers to be able to post pictures of Fishing and Wildlife activity in Gladwin County, more specifically Sugar Springs. Reports from both Lake Lancer and Lake Lancelot are encouraged

Monday, March 29, 2010


Fishing Report

Just had this idea pop into my head. For the last several years I have made at least two trips to Sugar Springs to fish. Each trip I learn more about the lakes. This past Presidents day weekend, my trusty fishing buddy and I took to the shanty for 2 days of ice fishing. On the small lake we caught 12 bluegills, and three pike on Saturday through about 15 inches of ice. The largest Pike was 27 inches. The smallest was 19. We watched as the Amish with their knee pads and hockey skates dominated most of the catch.

On Sunday Feb 14th we were told elusive tales of Walleye on the Big Lake. Set up shop next the overpass, where some anglers had some nice holes carved out in 3 feet of water. We caught 3 perch all under 8 inches and one small Pike around 14 inches. I am far more unfamiliar with the large Lake. I have never caught a perch in the small lake.

Please post your stories and pictures! I look forward to hearing about what is happening on the Lake. We should be up there for the 4th of July!

Happy Fishing,